Classes 2021

Classes 4-14 will be held Friday 26 – Sunday 28 March 2021 at Orewa College, Riverside Road, Orewa

Class 4: Maree Burnnand
Goldwork – Rare Flowers or In Bloom

Class Full

Beginners would be best stitching the gold ‘In Bloom’ rather than worrying about the colour combinations of ‘Rare Flowers’. Indicate your choice on your registration form.

In Bloom

Using a variety of padding techniques and metal threads learn the basics of goldwork to create a fantasy flower. Covers couching, basket weave couching, applying leather, chip work, edging in pearl purl and cutwork over both felt and string padding. Piece will not be finished in class but all techniques will be covered and comprehensive notes are included in the kit. Open to all levels.

Rare Flowers

So you have tried goldwork, now lets add some colour! Choosing from a variety of coloured purl along with traditional ‘gold’ metal thread students will stitch a rare flower. Covers couching, basket weave couching, applying leather, chip work, edging in pearl purl and cutwork over both felt and string padding. Some goldwork knowledge is preferred so more time can be spent playing with colour combinations and shading. Piece will not be finished in class but all techniques will be covered and comprehensive notes are included in the kit. Shown are some possible colour combinations. Please note the gold areas will
be gold.

Class level: All levels Class Full
Workshop Cost: $180
Kit Cost: $60

Class 5: Julie Clemett
Introduction to Drawn Thread Embroidery

Two Places Left

Choice of Sampler, Perfume sachet, Pin cushion or Tablemat.

An introduction to the basic stitches and techniques of Drawn Thread embroidery. This class will start with the techniques of drawing and finishing threads, then adding stitches to reinforce and embellish the resulting bands. This sampler gives a small taste of the multitude of available techniques and includes a traditional folded hem.

Other projects available in class: Perfume sachet / Pincushion and Tablemat. Both projects are practical applications of the technique but include less stitch variety than the sampler.

Preparation: prior to class complete the tacking as per the provided plan.

Class Level: All levels
Workshop Cost: $180
Notes Cost: $10

Class 6: Kim Hayes
Beaded Scissor Case – Jazz

In this class you will learn two basic bead weaving stitches, using #11 Delica beads, to create this glitzy and gorgeous, yet also very useful scissor case in one of two colourways – Acid Jazz or Cool Jazz.

The construction is very simple and it is possible to complete the project over the weekend. However, if not, you will achieve all the necessary skills required to complete the project at home.

Finished size 11cm long.

Class Level: All levels
Workshop Cost: $180
Kit Cost: $20

Class 7: Jenny Hunter
Proud as a Peacock

Class Full

Inspired by the elegant beauty of a blue peacock with its iridescent plumage, this embroidered picture is created with padded silk fabric applique, organza applique and surface stitchery. Worked in variegated silk threads, glitzy rayons and tiny gold beads for embellishment. Take pleasure in re-creating this symbol of prosperity, royalty, eternal love and peace

Class Level: Intermediate/Advanced Class Full
Workshop Cost: $180
Kit and Notes Cost: $45

Class 8: Natalie Iogha
Blackwork – A Royal Portrait


The students will get to choose from three majestic portrait kits: Princess Diana, Catherine ’stone’ Middleton or Meghan Sparkle, oh I mean Markle.

They will learn how traditional Blackwork embroidery can be advanced by shading. We will vary thickness and break up geometric filling stitches, exploring how to create depth and shade. We will also put a modern spin on our Blackwork by using white thread on coloured linen and applying swarovski crystals to the royal jewels. Students will also learn how to transfer a design onto linen. We will be stitching 1 design in class and students will come away with samples.

Class Level: All levels
Workshop Cost: $180
Kit Cost: $60

Class 9: Cate Longley
Aztec Cuauhtli (Eagle)

One place left

The eagle was an important symbol in Aztec society and had many meanings. Eagles symbolised the Sun but also represented strength, loyalty, intelligence and honour.

This highly colourful eagle is made up of a needle painted body, wing and tail, padded beak and feet with goldwork outlining, stumpwork head feathers and a Swarovski crystal eye. It is worked in DMC embroidery threads and Piper’s filament silks. Although this won’t be finished in the 2 days, all the elements will be covered.

Size: approx. 15x15cm
Class Level: All levels
Workshop Cost: $180
Kit Cost: Full kit $75 or Partial kit $35 (not including any standard fabrics or threads)

Class 10: Alysn Midgelow-Marsden
Visible Mending: Techniques and Interpretation

We all understand the necessity for patching up clothing that has been so loved and is now so worn. Many techniques from around the world and over time such as Boro, Kantha, Darning and Slow Stitch are seen to show the joy in creating something from others’ scraps. They see the beauty in the material itself and hope to preserve what it represents. For instance, taking your grandparent’s linen apart to create a quilt, or patching it up again so that it can be continued to be used, can be a way of respecting the item itself and of respecting your grandparent’s lives.

You will create a patched, darned and stitched fabric which can be made up into one of many origami style bags or be a piece of wall art.

Class Level: All levels
Workshop Cost: $180

Class 11: Shirley Pygott
Casaguildi – Venetian Rose Garden

Class Full

Traditional Casaguildi techniques have been blended with modern materials to create a charming garden panel stitched on a beautiful hand dyed background and embellished with beads.   In the class we will create the flowers using Buttonhole Triangles, Rings & Bars, as well as Wrapped Cords, Needlewoven Bars and Bullions.  At least one of each of the three flower types will be completed by the end of the workshop, which will give students all the techniques needed to complete the panel at home. The informal pulled work background needs to be completed prior to class and some knowledge of basic needlelace would be helpful.

Kits will be provided in a choice of several colourways or students may use their own materials.

Class Level: Intermediate
Workshop Cost: $180
Kit and Notes: $40

Class 12: Val Waterhouse
Waterfall Book

This class is to create a Waterfall Book (Hanging Book) on your own theme (family, vintage, place, nature etc).

I will demonstrate how to attach items to fabric and paper pages, using stamps, stitch, button and serviettes to embellish.

Over the weekend you will be well underway with your book.

Class Level: All levels
Workshop Cost: $180
Materials Cost: $10

Class 13: Jill Wilson
Wessex Concertina Needle Holder

Class Full

Wessex stitchery offers the opportunity to create fascinating patterns with the use of coloured threads and students are encouraged to break away from their ‘usual’ colour palette and try something outrageous.

Trust me, because the work is delicate strong colours work well. What better way to store your packets of needles.

This piece is worked on 32 count even weave linen, so participants need to have good vision, suitable light and previous experience with counted work. There will be tacking required to be done prior to the workshop.

Class Level: Intermediate/Advanced Class Full
Workshop Cost: $180
Notes Cost: $5

Class 14: Lynn Smart
OTT Cosy

Create your own OTT cosy.  Use up felt, sequins, bling, beads and findings from your stash to showcase your own colours and flair.  Extend yourself by using as many stitches as you know.

Students will work on one side of the OTT Cosy but by the end of the class you will have completed enough of your Cosy to be able to finish at home.  Instructions for making up your project will be handed out in class.

Size: 35×26 cm
Class Level: All levels
Workshop Cost: $180
Notes Cost: $5

Class 15: Jo Dixey
Gold Flower

This class will introduce the stitcher to long and short alongside using metal and metallic threads. I will provide the gold threads and you can decide on the colour of the background and long and short areas. I will provide the design so you can focus on learning the stitches, this piece will be finished or well on the way to being finished during the weekend. A relaxed class to try something new.

Class Level: Beginner

Workshop Cost; $180



Class 23 will be held Tuesday 30 – Wednesday 31 March 2021  at Onehunga Community House, 83 Selwyn Street, Onehunga, Auckland

Class 23: Julie Clemett
A European Tour of Drawn Thread Techniques

One Place Left

A sampler of small pieces from a number of drawn thread techniques which will include styles from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, France, Germany and Norway. Drawn thread techniques will range from the simple, drawn in one direction, to those drawn in two directions and cutwork.

The class will focus on four main motifs, along with discussion about edging techniques. Participants can choose to work on any motif in class where they will have opportunities for guidance and to ask questions. A full instruction book will be provided which will cover the instructions for each of the motifs, so that people leaving the class can continue on by themselves.

While there will be more than can be completed in two days, a preparation plan will be provided so that participants can prepare as much or as little as they want.

Class Level:  Intermediate

Workshop Cost: $150

classes with international tutors, 1-3 and 22, have been cancelled due to covid.