Workshops 2019

All weekend classes include 12 hours tuition, Friday night wine and nibbles and morning tea, lunch and afternoon teas on Saturday and Sunday.

COPYRIGHT:  The classes taught at the Great Escape and all material associated with them are the property of the tutors and must not be copied in any form.

Class 1: Tanja Berlin – Calgary, Canada


(Sorry, this class is now full)

Students can choose one of three blackwork designs.  Tanja will teach all three designs, breaking up the class and demonstrating the stitches for each particular design the students are working on.

Blackwork is a counted form of needlework worked on 32 count even weave Monika fabric using backstitch or double running stitch with different thicknesses of embroidery thread to work the design with some metallic accents.  Perspective and dimension will be created by changing the thickness of the thread and altering the density of the patterns.  Students will go home with the understanding of how to transfer a design onto the fabric and how to work the Blackwork embroidery from a selection of patterns.

Workshop Cost: $200.00


Class 1 A- blackwork-butterfly-spectral-tanja-berlin1A: Spectral Butterfly – Class Level:  will suit all levels

Design Size: 15.5 cm x 15.5 cm

Kit cost: $58.00 (Canadian) A New Zealand price will be with your needs list


B: Love Birds: Just the Two of Us?  –  Class Level:  will suit all levels

Design Size:  12.5 cm x 12.5 cm

Kit cost: $58.00 (Canadian) A New Zealand price will be with your needs list



Class 1 C - blackwork-pheasants-tanja-berlin1C: Pheasants – Class Level:  will suit all levels  3 hours of pre-work is required for this design.

Design Size:  15.5 cm x 19.5 cm

Kit cost: $65.00 (Canadian) Includes cost of mailing pre-work to student

A New Zealand price will be with your needs list                                                   

Class 2: Yvette Stanton – Sydney, Australia

Smøyg  Band Sampler



This band sampler bell pull introduces the patterns and colours of Norwegian pattern darning, known as smøyg. With 10 different bands, the patterns are taken from historical examples of smøyg, from various regions and traditions across the south of Norway. Some bands use wool and others use silk. While traditional Norwegian pattern darning would have been worked on up to 55 count linen, this project uses 35 count linen.

Design Size:  60 cm x 12 cm approx

Class Level:  will suit all levels

Workshop Cost: $200.00

Kit cost:  AUD $125.00  A New Zealand price will be with your needs list 




Class 3: Maree Talbot – Mackay, Australia

Elizabethan Needlework Accessories

(Sorry, this class is now full)

Class 2

Traditionally Elizabethan workboxes contained many exquisite and interesting needlework accessories decorated with little caterpillars, butterflies and floral patterns.  While working on and teaching my Elizabethan Casket project I have been stitching a range of miniature needlework accessories to add to my box.

This class will take you through some traditional Elizabethan stitches while stitching miniatures for your own sewing box or some treasures to give to friends.  This project is stitched in single thread Gumnut Yarn “stars” silks.

Class Level:  Intermediate (experience with detached buttonhole)

Workshop Cost: $200.00

Two kits are available – you can choose one or both on the day

Kit 1: a needle roll, pincushion box, tape measure box and pinwheel AUD$40.00

Kit 2: an ornate glove scissor holder Design Size: 10.5 cm x 6 cm  AUD$40.00

A New Zealand price will be with your needs list

Class 4: Elizabeth Adams – Auckland

Bobbin Lace for Beginners

(Sorry this class has been cancelled)

Photo example only

Learn the basic stitches of bobbin lace and progress at your own pace to learn methods of adding and removing bobbins, working a footside, or adding beads. Starting with a simple petal shape, students can work variations of that shape or start a simple motif or bookmark.


Design Size:  flower motif 10 cm x 12 cm, bookmark 12 cm

Class Level:  this is a beginners class

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Kit Cost: $60.00 includes a lace board/pillow and 20 bobbins

Class 5: Maree Burnnand  – Stratford

Let’s Get Laid

Class 5This class is an exploration of couching. In the piece a variety of couched stitches will be explored – underside couching, couching over thread padding, diaper patterns and Italian shading. Students will choose their own pattern for the Italian shading and the placement of the diaper patterns. This is a great class for those who want to build on their knowledge and repertoire of couched stitches.

Students will choose either the red or blue colour way prior to class.

Design Size: 11 cm x 12 cm

Class Level: Intermediate to experienced

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Kit cost: $50.00

Class 6: Julie Clemett – Christchurch

Ukrainian Comfort

Class 6An introduction to the beautiful embossed effects that can be achieved with Ukrainian whitework techniques. Whether your taste is the elegant white on white or the more robust colours, these techniques give wonderful texture to your project. From simple satin stitch motifs, borders and eyelets through to the more involved Merezhka Poltava (cut and drawn work), each technique will be covered in class, but the project will not be completed in the weekend.

Class 6b - CatherineThis design can be stitched as either the cushion or the bolster, or if you don’t want to tackle such a large project, simply as a sampler.

Design Size: cushion – 40 cm square

Class Level:  will suit all levels

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Kit cost: $8.00 for notes booklet

Class 7: Margaret Douglas – Patumahoe

Jupiter Aurora                             


The piece was inspired by the photographic feed from the Hubble telescope.  Linen fabric is stretched over a welded hoop and stitching is done directly on to this.  A variety of threads are used and the basics of stitching on contours are covered as stitching is done over the edge of the welded hoop. The class is suitable for all levels and is a fun class to stitch.  All elements including presentation and mounting will be covered in class, but the piece will not be completed over the weekend.

Design Size: stitching 20 cm in diameter

Class Level:  will suit all levels

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Kit cost: $45.00 partial kit including fabric, hoop, beads and some threads

Class 8: Bev Furniss – Auckland

Jolly Journals

(Sorry this class has been cancelled)

photo example only

Fabric covers for journals/notebooks surface enhanced with free stitch embroidery and embellishment. Recreate the sampler or develop your own unique cover with tutor guidance. Whimisical creative fun; these make great gifts. This project teaches free stitch machinery and the techniques I have developed including thread painting, fabric painting, lace textile, corded threads, contemporary appliques, padded and textile relief work. Full ‘Journal Cover’ construction and variations will be covered. At least one ‘Journal Cover’ should be completed in the weekend.

Design Size: 21 cm x 26.5 cm

Class Level:  Students do not require prior knowledge of free machine embroidery; however a confident knowledge of setting up and using the sewing machine is required

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Kit Cost: $30.00 partial kit

Class 9: Marianne Hargreaves – Christchurch

Print, Pattern, Patch, Enhance

Class 9 MH - Sample Orewa 2019 1
photo example only

Print on fabric to create a variety of materials which will then be combined into a patchwork pattern and embellished with embroidered stitches. A new interpretation of Crazy Patchwork.  Incorporating basic printing techniques, patchwork, and surface stitchery with colours of your choice – the limit is your imagination! This is a fun class that shows how easy it is to create wonderful effects and will inspire you to do more yourself!

Design Size: 30 cm x 30 cm

Class Level: will suit all levels

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Kit Cost:  $15.00 partial kit

Class 10: Jenny Hunter – Levin

Embroider a Grecian Urn, a Japanese Jar or  a Persian Pot

(Sorry, this class is now full)

Photo example only

Take the simple outline of an urn, jar, pot or jug and fill with horizontal bands of surface stitchery to create shape and dimension. Choose your own colour and threads to embellish and apply decorative bands of pattern inside the outline of the object. The background could be any even weave embroidery fabric, 25 count or similar. Suggestions for theme colours: earthy pottery, enamelled bronze, blue and white china or Chinese chinoiserie.

This workshop will be a fun way to use up loose threads and learn ways to combine colour and stitch, just like colouring in between the lines!

Design Size: 25 cm x 18 cm

Class Level:  will suit all levels

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Class 11: Natalie Iogha – Auckland

Red Breasted Ribbon Robin

class-11.jpgLearn how to transform organza ribbons into a Red Breasted Robin and try some creative stitching. You will transfer the design onto velvet, choose your own colourway (you might end up with a Green Breasted ribbon Robin), and experiment with various ways to apply ribbon to create dramatic effects.

Design Size: 11 cm x 11 cm

Class Level:  will suit all levels

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Kit cost: $35.00

Class 12: Anne Marie Moorhead – Wellington

The Catnapper

class-12-e1521280348927.jpgA small and sleepy black and white cat is worked in silver Japan thread couched with stranded threads. Outlining is done with pearl purl. The basic technique used is or nué.

Design Size:  7 cm x 4 cm

Class Level:  Intermediate

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Class 14: Kerry Seeley – Napier

Reticella Squares             

Class 14-Using 28 count Permin linen and Perle and/or cordonnet thread students can choose between the larger 40cm square piece or a smaller 20cm square piece.  The larger one has 3 areas of stitching with each square having slightly different elements.  The smaller one has only one central square and may suit those who are not so confident.

There is some pre-class preparation that can take some time which includes the satin stitch around the squares, cutting and weaving (one square only needed before class)

Design Size: 40 cm square

Class Level:  all, but some counted experience would be useful

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Class 15: Janine Smith – Oamaru

Sorry – This Class is now Full

Please Take a Seat 

Class 15
Photo example only

A class that gives you the opportunity to stitch your own individual chairs, using loads of beautiful stitches to create texture and variety.

The patterns provided offer a great chance to experiment with colour! Don’t forget your stitch books!

Design size: 10 cm x 13 cm approx

Class Level:  will suit all levels

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Kit cost: $10.00


Onehunga Community House, 83 Selwyn Street, Onehunga

Dates: Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 March 2019

Times: 9.30am – 4.00pm

 Tea and Coffee provided – please bring your lunch

Class 21: Tanja Berlin – Calgary, Canada

Needle Painting

(Sorry, this class is now full)

Students can choose one of three needle painting designs.  Tanja will teach all three designs, breaking up the class and demonstrating the stitches for each particular design the students are working on.

In this class the student will work the needle painting design using a single strand of DMC embroidery floss in the needle at one time, in the method of long and short stitch.
This is an intriguing technique, using the threads as your paints on a closely woven cotton fabric to create a realistic picture.

Several professional stitching techniques will be covered when we work the design i.e. starting and finishing of threads, the use of a split stitch line and working the design as a 3-dimensional piece.
Different embroidery stitches will be used i.e. split stitch, stem stitch, satin stitch, and long and short.
Most importantly, the technique of blending long and short stitches so that they shade beautifully and how to position the stitches so that they lay smooth will be covered in the class.

The student goes home with all the information required to complete the embroidery. Experienced stitchers with no needle painting experience can work the intermediate designs.

Workshop Cost: $150.00


Class 21 A - wild-rose-tanja-berlin6

A: Wild Rose – Class Level:  Beginners

Design size: 8¼  cm x 8½  cm

Kit cost: $48.00 (Canadian) A New Zealand price will be with your needs list

Class 21 B - red-poll-tanja-berlin1


B: Red Poll – Class Level:  Intermediate

Design size: 7½ cm x 6¾ cm

Kit cost: $48.00 (Canadian) A New Zealand price will be with your needs list

Class 21C -needle-painting-wild-rabbit-tanja-berlin1


C: Wild  Rabbit – Class Level:  Intermediate

Design size: 14 cm x 10¾ cm

Kit cost: $55.00 (Canadian) A New Zealand price will be with your needs list



Class 22: Maree Talbot –Mackay, Australia

Elizabethan Christmas Decoration

(Sorry, this class is now full)

          Class 22a            

                     Class 22e   class-22d.jpg   Class 22c   class-22b.jpg

This three dimensional Octahedron shaped Christmas decoration is embroidered with an Elizabethan design using YLI silk floss threads, Jap gold thread, beads and spangles.  The decoration is finished off with a beaded tassel.

 Design Size: 11 cm x 4.5 cm

Class Level:  will suit all level

Workshop Cost: $150.00

Kit cost: AUD $40 A New Zealand price will be with your needs list