Workshops 2018

All weekend classes include 12 hours tuition, Friday night wine and nibbles and morning tea, lunch and afternoon teas on Saturday and Sunday.

COPYRIGHT:  The classes taught at the Great Escape and all material associated with them are the property of the tutors and must not be copied in any form.

Class 1: Alison Cole – Melbourne, Australia

Purple Pitcher Plant


This piece is worked as a botanical in Au Ver a Soie silks; the Stumpwork Purple Pitcher Plant features multiple layer detached elements for the tube of the main pitcher and soft cotton padding for the stems. The blooms show the plant at different stages – one just open with the petals intact while the other has lost the petals revealing the inner workings of the flower.

Size:  18cm x 10cm

Class level: all skill levels are welcome in this class

Workshop Cost: $200.00

Kit Cost:  $80.00 AUD (A New Zealand price will be with your needs list)

Class 2: Owen Davies – London, UK

Puriri Moth- Pepe Tuna, Aenetus virescens


Class 2

The Puriri moth is New Zealand’s largest moth. The design is embroidered using natural shading or long and short hand embroidery. You will be guided through the different sections of the moth project and be taught how to shade and blend colours, how to tackle block shading and how to use fine embroidery needles. The project is worked using single strands of cotton thread and size 12 embroidery needles, textured threads and chenille yarn.  Prior to the class the main body will need to be completed and you will receive a kit with a design on silk.
The design has been inspired by a photo taken by the tutor of a male moth seen on display at the Marlborough Museum.

Size:  17cm x 19cm

Class level: intermediate to advanced

Workshop Cost: $200.00

Kit Cost:  $178.00 NZD includes all photo copying and additional materials

Class 3: Alison Snepp

Thracian Embroidery



Thrace is in the northeast of Greece. Thracian embroidery tradition is rich and varied, yet it has distinct characteristics.  Both counted thread and surface stitchery techniques are significant and this project is inspired by the traditional embroidery worked on the ends of towels.  The counted thread techniques used include geometric satin stitch, double running stitch and pulled and drawn thread work.  The edge of the embroidery is finished with an unusual fringe.

The embroidery is worked on evenweave linen ( 28, 30 or 32-count is suitable) with DMC Stranded Cotton and a touch of gold metal thread (included with the workshop folio).
Alison has made her embroidery into a needlework roll, but students may make their own embroidery into table linen or a towel as they prefer.

Class level: intermediate to advanced with experience of counted embroidery on linen fabric

Workshop Cost: $200.00

Kit Cost: Folio $35.00 AUD (A New Zealand price will be with your needs list)

Class 4: Julie Clemett – Christchurch

Beetlewings, Beads and Bling 


Iridescent beetlewings and metallic beads embellish dark velvet giving this project a touch of bling and luxury. Learn to sculpt padding and apply beetlewings and beads. Each technique will be covered in class but the project will not be completed in the weekend.
Participants will be required to dress the frame prior to class (full instructions and velvet fabric will be supplied in advance).

Size: 16cm x 16 cm

Class Level: will suit all levels

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Kit Cost: $40.00

Class 5: Jo Dixey – Helensville

Contemporary Silk Shading



Class 5.JPG
photo example only

Spend the weekend learning the secrets of long and short stitch, and perfecting how to gradually change from one shade to the next. Using an abstract design takes away the pressure that your piece has to look like something, leaving your brain able to concentrate on the stitch.

Design Size: 15cm x 11cm

Class Level: will suit all levels especially beginners

Workshop Cost: $180.00


Class 7:  Joyce Fleming – Cambridge

Versatile Bobbin Lace Braids

Class 7.JPG
photo example only

Stretching the boundaries of traditional lace, students will learn how to produce colourful textured braids using simple bobbin lace techniques and a collection of threads, yarn, ribbon and beads of the student’s choice. A number of stitch combinations and techniques will be shown and students can progress from using these to trying out their own ideas. At the end of the weekend students will have worked a variety of braids and know how they can be used as trims, bookmarks, bracelets and mini decorative flags.
A knowledge of the three basic bobbin lace stitches is required but students do not need a great deal of lacemaking experience to benefit from and enjoy this class.

Class Level: will suit all levels

Workshop Cost: $180.00

 Class 8 Trish Hill – Coromandel

Sashiko Hussif



Create a hussif stitched in sashiko, the technique for which will be taught and discussed. This will include transfer of sashiko patterns onto fabric. Most students will complete one section of the hussif during the weekend.

Size:  3 sections each 16cm in diameter

Class Level: will suit all levels

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Kit Cost: $70.00

Class 9 Sarah Hooker – Wellington



This class is a creative way for stitchers of all levels to explore a few embroidery stitches
. Work with any colour range and start a project that could become a bag, cushion, wall panel, purse, electronic equipment cover, phone pocket or door stop.
Small dots of felt are applied to a felt or linen background and embellished with embroidery using stranded cotton or a variety of threads.
The project could be as simple as a few dots with one or two easy stitches or try out the 49 different stitch combinations featured on the bag sample.
 Buttonhole, bullions, French knots, shisha, lazy daisies, couching, woven wheels and spider webs are just a few of the stitches featured.
This project grows quickly and

Class 9.JPG
photo example only

smaller pieces could be completed in the weekend however students will receive comprehensive notes showing all the stitches with lots of extra creative ideas that will allow them to finish the project at home with confidence. At the end of the class construction ideas and techniques will be demonstrated.

Class Level: will suit all levels

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Kit Cost: $3.00 for notes

Class 10:  Trish Hughes – Whangarei

Lavender bag

Class 10.JPG

This delicate Lavender Bag is worked on either 32ct. or 28ct. linen using both plain and variegated Perlé 8 and 12 threads.  It features satin stitch, bullion daisies and a lovely beaded heading.
The project should be nearing completion by the end of the weekend and knowledge of the following techniques will help you achieve this – satin stitch, stem stitch, buttonhole stitch and bullion stitch.  Pre-class tacking will be required.

Size: 12.5cm x 20cm

Class Level: competent beginners and intermediate embroiderers.

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Kit Cost:  $10.00 for a colour bound instruction booklet.

Class 11: Sue Lucas – Dunedin

Blackwork Diamonds

Blackwork is a counted thread technique, stitched on evenweave fabric.  Using Blackwork filling patterns known as diaper patterns, we will explore how Blackwork uses light and dark.  Adding or taking away from the pattern achieves the variation of patterns and the play of light and dark.  The whole piece will be highlighted with metallic Class 11.JPGthreads and beads in copper, silver and gold to add sparkle.

You need to be able to count to do this class!  By the end of the weekend you will have made a solid start and know how to complete the remaining patterns at home.

Size: 18cm x 18cm

Class Level: will suit all levels

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Kit Cost: $15.00 for patterns in full colour

Class 12:  Alysn Midgelow-Marsden – Matakana

Miao Embroidery Case


These little known embroidery cases are fantastic as an object in their own right and as a surface to decorate and embellish. South West Chinese Miao peoples create painted, multi-folded and pocketed paper and cloth book-like cases to store their threads, fabrics, needles and pins. The folding technique is called Zhen Xian Bao. We will update the materials and stitching, playing with silk, lutradur, evolon as well as papers, stitch and beads.
This course does not require a sewing machine, but one can be used if you enjoy machine stitching. You will have the chance to investigate a selection of formats and probably complete two cases.

Class Level: will suit all levels

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Class 14: Jane van Keulen – Hamner Springs

Linen and Lace Bag

The outer panel of the bag Class 14.JPGis hand stitched using the ovals on the fabric to create panels reminiscent of chicken scratch. Add velvet ovals and embellish to create a padded luxurious bag with lace zip closure. A decorative tassel completes this useful and beautiful item.

Size: 25cm x 18cm

Class Level: Intermediate

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Kit cost: $69.00

Class 15:  Jill Wilson

Embellished Treasures

Stitch and embellish a box lid using wool felt, threads and beads. A fun project that uses may different

photos example only

embroidery stitches. Use these designs as a base or create your own design.
Precut cardboard and pellon for the box will be supplied as a kit.

Size: 28cm x 20cm x 8cm

Class Level: will suit all levels

Workshop Cost: $180.00

Partial Kit Cost:  $22.00


Onehunga Community House, 83 Selwyn Street, Onehunga

Dates: Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 March 2018

Times: 9.30am – 4.00pm

 Tea and Coffee provided – please bring your lunch

Class 21:  Owen Davies – London, UK

Elizabethan Gold and Silk Sampler

A sectionClass 21.jpg from the Elizabethan inspired cushion will be taken as a design source. The original design can be seen at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
The project combines popular techniques used to adorn clothing in the 16th Century, is worked on heavy twill and will be taught on a 8” ring frame.
The students will be taught padding using traditional carpet felt methods, yellow craft felt padding, metal thread embroidery and long and short shading with 2 ply wool.

Design Size: 24cm x 38cm

Class level: intermediate to advanced

Workshop Cost: $150.00

Kit Cost:  $178.00 NZD (includes all photo copying and additional materials)

Class 22: Alison Snepp – NSW, Australia

Small Mamluk Purse

While visiting the UK I visited the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and was delighted to see the wonderful Mamluk textiles from Class 22.jpgMedieval Egypt.  I know that many of you have stitched my Medieval Egyptian Sampler and this little purse is part of the same collection of textiles.
During this workshop students will make a small purse using patchwork techniques decorated with buttonhole stitches and trimmed with decorated cords and tassels.  It is a fun little project and each person’s work will be slightly different. Students will have the option of purchasing a small fabric kit from me using these colours, which are close to those of the original purse, or selecting their own fabrics.

Design Size:  12cm x 16 cm

Class Level: will suit all levels

Workshop Cost: $150.00

Kit Cost:  Workshop folio $17.00 AUD
Fabric Kit (optional) $19.00 AUD
(A New Zealand price will be with your needs list)