Tutors 2021

Dianne Fisher

No longer attending due to Covid-19 travel restrictions

Dianne has been interested in a whole range of embroidery techniques over the years. Her fascination with the skill and inventiveness of the Elizabethan and Stuart embroiderers led to study trips to England, Scotland and Switzerland to explore and document English counted embroidery from 1200 to 1700 for an Advanced Certificate in Research and Embroidery. She is the curator of the Embroiderers’ Guild of South Australia Museum, an accredited museum.

class 2 and class 22 (after class)

Margaret Lee

No longer attending due to Covid-19 travel restrictions

Margaret is a specialist tutor of international repute in Traditional Japanese Silk and Bead embroidery and Chinese Art embroidery. She has authored three books in these disciplines and has contributed articles to an encyclopaedia and embroidery magazines.

class 3

Maree Burnnand

Maree has been interested in textiles and embroidery all her life and graduated with a Diploma of Fashion and Textile Design from Wanganui Regional Community Polytechnic in 1995. She has spent 15 years developing and refining her style of Or Nue, exploring goldwork and looking at 17th Stumpwork. Through this research Maree can confidently share her knowledge and passion for these techniques.

class 4

Julie Clemett

Julie began embroidery at an early age inspired by her grand and great grandmothers. She has a wide range of embroidery interests but particularly enjoys using traditional techniques and combining these techniques into modern projects. Julie enjoys assisting students to master a new technique, building their confidence and to appreciate their developing talents. “I cannot call a day complete, ‘til needle, thread and fabric meet” (Anon).

class 5

class 23

Kim Hayes

Kim’s love affair with beads began 10 years ago when she purchased her first beading magazine. She taught herself Peyote, Herringbone, Brick stitch and bead embroidery, experimenting with each technique, discovering her own voice and increasing her “stash” ten-fold! It was soon obvious that beads were her “thing”.  Since then, Kim has become a fully-fledged bead addict – and is on a mission to seduce others into the glitzy glamourous world of Beading.

class 6

Jenny Hunter

Jenny has more than 20 years experience tutoring quilting and embroidery workshops for Guilds throughout New Zealand. She is a past tutor at The Embroiderers Great Escape and her particular interest is in creating original designs that are unique to New Zealand. Jenny owns a mail order textile art supply business and enjoys sharing her extensive experience and love for colour, texture and stitch with her students.

class 7

Natalie Iogha

Natalie works at the intersection of art and craft. She has trained in embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) in London and holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT). Natalie regularly shows work at Masterworks Gallery in Auckland and her work is housed in private collections and at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. When Natalie doesn’t have a needle in her hand she can be found at her day job in an advertising agency or at the local beach, building sandcastles with her son and husband.

class 8

Cate Longley

Cate was taught by her mother to embroider from a young age. She has a keen interest in natural history and the environment and translates the beauty of the natural world into her embroidery. Thread painting, goldwork and stumpwork are her chosen styles which she adapts to suit a modern take on old ideas.

class 9

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden

Alysn is an internationally acknowledged artist, curator, tutor and author. She moved from the UK 7 years ago and now has a studio on the beautiful Tawharanui Peninsula, an hour north of Auckland. Alysn specialises in a range of unusual materials such as metals, paper, wire and paint; and not for nothing is her blog called ‘Alysn Burnt Offerings’ as her experimental techniques include burning, hammering, patinating and distressing (amongst others). Stitching and embellishing are not forgotten in her work and are used freely and expressively. Her designs and inspiration are often drawn from natural patterns and textures in addition to a fascination with the history and social context of materials and techniques.  Alysn loves to share her experimental, improvisational approaches resulting in serendipitous outcomes.

class 10

Shirley Pygott

Shirley prefers using traditional techniques and materials in new, innovative ways. She particularly enjoys interpreting New Zealand themes using metal thread, surface stitch and needle lace. Shirley has tutored widely for more than 13 years in New Zealand and on three international cruises.  She has been the traveling tutor for the NNI region in 2017 and nationally for ANZEG in 2019.  Shirley has completed both the ANZEG Diploma of Embroidery and the Diploma of Embroidery teaching.

class 11

Val Waterhouse

Val has been an embroiderer for many years and has exhibited and taught widely. Val is now playing with mixed media and paints. She also loves bookmaking.

class 12

Jill Wilson

Jill has been stitching and making quilts since the late 80’s. She has participated in many workshops that have covered a large range of techniques. Jill has a passion for pattern and colour, whether it be in counted work or surface stitching, and likes to share that passion with others.

class 13

Lynn Smart

Lynn has been stitching since she was very young. Her mother showed her how and said ‘go for it’ praising creativity and originality. Lynn has completed three modules of the Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery from the Royal School of Needlework in London and will complete the last in 2020. She belongs to the North Shore Embroiderers Guild where she began embroidery tutoring with the Stitchbirds Childrens’ Classes. In 2018 she formed her own embroidery studio in her garden where she teaches fun and supportive classes for adults passing on her love and joy of stitching. www.runningstitchstudio.com. Lynn has won a number of awards for her embroidery and received a Study Assistance Grant from ANZEG in 2018. 

class 14

Jo Dixey

Jo Dixey is a professional embroiderer and stitch artist. She trained at the Royal School of Needlework in the early 1990’s and then continue her studies to gain City and Guild’s Creative Embroidery, parts 1 and 2. Jo has been teaching, working commissions and exhibiting for more than 20 years in New Zealand and overseas. View her work on instagram @dixeysoul

class 15