Tanja Berlin

tanja-berlin-february2017-1.jpgTanja, originally from Dorset, England is a graduate and former staff member of the Royal School of Needlework.

At the school she became an expert on various techniques of embroidery as they applied to restoration, conservation and commission projects.

Tanja now lives in Calgary and teaches embroidery classes in Canada, USA and internationally. She also maintains a website of her embroidery kits and designs and has had embroidery articles published in EGA Needlearts, Embroidery Canada and Inspiration Embroidery Magazine. https://berlinembroidery.com

Maree Talbot 

MareeMaree has been teaching embroidery to Guilds, embroidery shops and embroidery groups throughout Australia for over 20 years, and after a study trip to the UK in 2003 was inspired to design an Elizabethan casket of her own design which she started teaching in 2006. She has had the privilege of teaching the casket through the Western Australian Guild, South Australian Guild, Queensland Guild, Victorian Guild, All Threads Brisbane and Needlework Cottage Rockhampton.

Yvette Stanton

Yvette StantonYvette Stanton is an embroidery designer and embroidery historian based in Sydney, Australia. She has written a number of books on historical embroidery, and is also the writer of the acclaimed stitch dictionary, “The Left-Handed Embroiderer’s Companion” (as she is left-handed) and its twin stitch dictionary for right-handers. Yvette has an immense soft spot for whitework embroidery, and this has been the main focus for her books. In recent times she has been exploring Norwegian embroidery, particularly historical Hardanger embroidery, and smøyg, which is Norwegian pattern darning. http://www.vettycreations.com.au

Elizabeth Adams  

ElizabethElizabeth started simple surface stitching as a young child with her mother and grandmother, but inspired by Thérèse de Dillmont’s ‘Encyclopedia of Needlework’ always wanted to learn more. She has studied at the Royal School of Needlework in England and loves to pass on techniques learnt.

Maree Burnnand 

Maree BurnnandMaree has always had an interest in fibre and textiles, learning embroidery and sewing as a child. She went on to study Fashion and Textile Design at Polytech. As an adult she returned to stitching and metal thread embroidery – especially Or Nue – became her passion but a recent trip to the UK studying 17th Century stumpwork has opened up some new ideas for her work. Maree has exhibited nationally and won many awards at Regional and National level.

Julie Clemett         

JulieJulie began teaching at an early age and is inspired by many of the glory box items made by her grand and great grandmothers. She has a wide range of embroidery interests but particularly enjoys using traditional techniques and combining these techniques into modern projects. She enjoys assisting students to master a new technique, building confidence and appreciating their developing talents.

Margaret Douglas

DSC_0072Margaret is a member of Embroiderers and Lacemakers Guild and is a stitch-a-holic.   Her main issue with her embroidery is that there is not enough time!     She enjoys most forms of the art and her designs are based on experiences or images.    She will share her knowledge and enthusiasm with anyone who will listen and gets a buzz out of seeing someone in her class have a “wow” moment as they achieve something new.

Beverly Furniss

Bev FurnissBeverly is an educator with over 20 years teaching experience; a former senior University Lecturer in Fashion and Textile Design, she holds two degrees including a Masters in Art and Design. She describes herself as a maker, inherently drawn to all forms of stitch, textile creating, fibre and fabric dyeing and textile surface design.

Marianne Hargreaves

Marianne HargreavesMarianne has been teaching and exhibiting for over 25 years since she gained City and Guilds Creative Studies Qualification in Embroidery. After working on the Globe Theatre Hangings she was one of ten embroiderers chosen to exhibit at the Barbican in London. She has been involved in several group projects, won awards for her stitching and travelled to UK and USA to teach and visit textile artists. She likes to use simple methods to gain maximum impact in texture and embroidery.

Jenny Hunter         

Jenny HunterJenny has more than 20 years experience tutoring quilting and embroidery workshops for Guilds throughout New Zealand.  She is a past tutor of The Embroiderers’ Great Escape and her particular interest is in creating original designs that are unique to New Zealand. Jenny owns a mail order textile art supply business and enjoys sharing her extensive experience and love for colour, texture and stitch with her students.

Natalie Zoë Iogha

Natalie IoghaNatalie works at the intersection of art and craft. Her embroideries are unique designs with non-traditional themes and created using a selection of new and reclaimed fabrics and threads. She has trained in embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) in London and holds a Bachelor Visual Arts from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

Anne Marie Moorhead

Anne Marie MoorheadAnne Marie Moorhead lives in Wellington. She has been tutoring around New Zealand for many years as well as being a regular tutor at Nancy’s Stitch Studio, which is a source of endless temptation to which she succumbs frequently. Anne Marie particularly enjoys using traditional techniques including silk shading, stumpwork, crewel work and gold work, and it is a great pleasure to have opportunities to share her skills with others.

Marilyn Rea-Menzies

Marilyn Rea-Menzies (2)Marilyn’s tapestries adorn many public spaces and private homes both in New Zealand and overseas.  Her lively tapestry portraits have won the hearts, as well as tears of many.   Her latest public tapestry commission was the double-sided Kowhai Screen at Government House in Wellington.  She has been an educator for tapestry for many years. Marilyn also paints, draws and has produced a large amount of work in mixed-medium, including photography.

Kerry Seeley

SAMSUNG CSCKerry’s passion is for white work in all its counted forms including needle lace techniques.  Kerry has also experimented with different ways of stitching letters and monograms as well as a host of other techniques.  Kerry has tutored and exhibited throughout New Zealand for the past 25 years.

Janine Smith

janine smith1Janine began stitching her embroidery journey at an early age and had a large display of work when she was 18. She enjoys creating her own designs which allows her to push and challenge herself and to play with stitch and colour. Janine has had her work exhibited both locally and nationally. She won 1st prize in the Bernina Challenge ‘Ode to the Blues’.