ALISON COAlison Cole - photoLE

Alison has been embroidering for most of her life and teaching Goldwork and Stumpwork for over 17 years. She has won numerous awards, written for many magazines and self-published many books.  A specialist embroidery tutor, her embroidery is renowned worldwide.


OWEN DAVIowen+davies_[1]ES

Owen is an international tutor who teaches traditional hand embroidery. He is a graduate of the Royal School of Needlework Apprenticeship, being the first and only male to gain his qualification. He continues to teach and lecture at the school whilst maintaining a freelance career which has included teaching in New Zealand, Australia and America. His favourite techniques include Silk shading and Gold work.  He is also the co-author of the best seller ‘Embroidered Knot Gardens’.



Alison has been a professional embroiderer for 37 years. She has taught classes and lectured all over Australia and New Zealand and in the UK. She has published several books and numerous magazine articles and undertaken many commissions during this time.



Julie began teaching at an early age and is inspired by many of the glory box items made by her grand and great grandmothers. She has a wide range of embroidery interests but particularly enjoys using traditional techniques and combining these techniques into modern projects. She enjoys assisting students to master a new technique, building confidence and appreciating their developing talents.


JO DIXjo dixeyEY

Jo is a professional embroiderer and stitch artist. She trained at the Royal School of Needlework in the early 1990’s and then continued her studies to gain City and Guild’s Creative Embroidery, parts 1 and 2. Jo has been teaching, working commissions and exhibiting for more than 20 years in New Zealand and overseas.


Elizabeth edie


Elizabeth has been a member of the Auckland Embroiderers’ Guild for 20 years. She has attended many workshops during this time and particularly enjoys surface stitching. She likes the challenge of creating her own designs and passing her knowledge on to others.


JOYCE FLEMIJoyceFleming_photoNG

After teaching lace for ten years in Ireland, Joyce moved to New Zealand and has taught workshops associated with the New Zealand Lace Society. She likes to design her own work, challenging the form of traditional lace while using the techniques to produce something new. She has won several awards for her lace made from Harekeke (Flax) and her work was included in the Love Lace Exhibition (Powerhouse Museum, Sydney 2011 -2013).



Trish is mostly self taught and has embroidered for many years.
She enjoys designing new pieces, sharing and passing her knowledge on to others.
Trish continues to explore new embroideries and continues to learn.



Many years retailing embroidery and patchwork supplies in Wellington gave Sarah the opportunity to explore all fields of contemporary and traditional hand and machine embroidery producing hundreds of samples of stitched work over the years. After selling the business in 2006 and deciding to continue teaching she has  had the chance to really think about what she loved. It was teaching surface stitchery and canvas work with an emphasis on students creating their own original work using the simplest stitches creatively.



Trish is a lifelong stitcher who has broadened her horizons since joining the Whangarei Embroiderer’s Guild in 2002.

Counted thread work is her passion.



Sue loves to stitch.  She has been seriously stitching for the last 10 years, and recently began designing her own work. She loves the challenge of exploring ideas – working through design, composition, colour, stitch and materials to bring these ideas out of her imagination so others can see them.



Alysn has been working as a textile artist for over 20 years and has authored four books and many articles. She offers a breadth of teaching and mentoring experience in the field of mixed media, fibre art, textiles and embroidery. She enjoys working with many varied media, enjoying incorporating unusual materials into her textiles.  She creates work which is imbued with personal references. The pieces are rarely representational, but whatever their form she is looking for an emotive response from the viewer.



Jennifer’s crafting passions are leatherwork and designing contemporary embroidery. She started cross-stitch while travelling a lot with work and has been adding new skills along the way with needlecraft lessons for Whitework, Blackwork, Crewelwork and recently surface embroidery.  She wants everyone to enjoy and appreciate the satisfaction of creating through needlecrafts.  People are beginning to appreciate New Zealand designs and doing their own handwork as it teaches valuable life skills such as problem solving, patience, accuracy and of course is a great stress breaker.



Jane is a self-employed Textile Artist, and an enthusiastic tutor who specialises in hand embroidery based on traditional techniques with a contemporary twist. She has tutored for many years in Christchurch and at Guilds throughout New Zealand, as well as ANZEG conferences in Gore, Hastings and Auckland. She produces a range of hand-dyed embroidery threads and original kits, as well as teaching at ‘Stash Palace’ in Hanmer Springs.


JILL WILSOJill Wilson.jpgN

Jill started stitching in the 90’s and was a founding member of the Waipa Guild in Te Awamutu. She has tried most types of embroidery over time and enjoys a wide range but especially surface stitching. Patchwork is another passion of Jill’s and most of her quilts have embroidery on them. She is currently a member of Coromandel Guild and the Resources Custodian for ANZEG.